OBO Cloud Hot Pants




Cool to use, hot protection, quick dress… and undress.


  • Waist belt
    Firmly positions hotpants. The belt should fit just above the hip bone.
  • Hip flexor muscle protection
    multi-panelled to allow complete freedom of movement
  • Main protection panel
    extended to cover the easily bruised, and frequently hit, inner leg.
  • Open crotch area
    For really easy movement and…
  • Waist band
    for comfort and rib protection, also maximises adjustment and fit
  • Rear waist adjustment
    ensures the perfect fit and that all frontal protection panels sit exactly where they are meant to be.
  • Multidesity (2) main protection panel
    Preshaped for fit and stability on the leg. Ensures that the pads do not slip and expose the leg during play.
  • Leg adjustment panel
    Maximises adjustment, allows expansion when the hamstring ‘fires’ and helps reduce muscle fatigue

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