OBO ROBO Body Armour – Chest Only




Body hugging with the greatest agility and protection in the universe!


  • Floating Clavicle protector
    Made form Hi-Density closed cell foam
  • Elasticised gusset
    Enables the upper chest and shoulders to move independently of the chest.
  • 70mm Wide waist straps
    For the perfect fit
  • Nifty Little pull finder
    Helps make dressing and getting your arm guards on and off easily!
  • Hinged lower abdomen protector
  • Fully adjustable back straps
    Means the body armour sits in the correct place at all times
  • Body hugging rib protection
  • Highly protective Dual Density, closed cell polyethylene foam
    Moulds to the body and will not absorb sweat or water
  • Anatomically moulded shoulder protection

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