OBO Yahoo Body Armour




Comfortable and light with OBO’s unique heart guard!


  • OBO’s unique hinging system
    Ensures the armour flexes as the body moves… it’s comfortable, no bulky and remains in the correct position… full protecting the body
  • Clavicle protection
  • Nifty Little finger pull
    Helps make dressing into your body armour easy
  • Elbow guard
    Comfortable and large
  • Body hugging rib protection
  • Dual density, closed cell polyethylene foam
    Highly protective, light, comfortable and will not absorb sweat or water
  • Hinged lower body abdomen protector
  • Elasticised back straps
    Means the body armour stays in place at all times
  • Anatomically moulded shoulder protection
  • Heart guard
    Hidden and made from super hi-density closed cell foam – ultraSTOP
  • Elasticised velcro
    Holds the elbow guard in place but still allows movement as the arm moves
  • Arm sits below and under the should pad
    Coverage is complete but very free arm movement is still possible
  • Velcro adjustment
    To customise bicep and forearm protection panels
  • Dual density
    Bicep and forearm protection
  • dual 40mm wide elastic straps
    Lower back comfort adjustment

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